GI Cancer MDT (Multi Disciplinary Therapy) Meeting

The department has a special focus on the management of GI cancers. In an effort to optimize the management of these patients the department regularly conducts multi-disciplinary meetings. Senior faculty and trainees from the departments of GI Surgery, Medical oncology, Radiation oncology, Radiology, Pathology, Gastroenterology and Medicine together discuss the appropriate management plan for these cases. This provides an excellent platform for discussion and learning. The monthly meet involves presentation of interesting cases of GI cancer especially those with a management dilemma. Some of the cases discussed in the recent MDT meetings in 2016 are include.

January: Duodenal adenocarcinoma,
Carcinoma pancreas and
Carcinoma rectum with pregnancy

February: Transverse colon malignancy,

Ulcerative colitis with malignancy and

Pancreatic mass mimicking malignancy (groove pancreatitis).

March: Obstructed carcinoma rectum

Locally advanced cholangiocarcinoma and


April: Recurrent rectal cancer

Recurrent colonic cancer and

Recurrent squamous cell cancer anal canal.

May: Three cases of right hemicolectomy done using minimal access

surgery (one laparoscopic and two robotically)

Castleman’s disease presenting as a retroperitoneal tumor and

Incidental Carcinoma gall bladder.

June: Recurrent GIST

Port site metastasis two years after laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Interesting case of gall bladder mass