Surgery for GI Cancers

We have specialised Gastro-oncology surgery services. All latest facilities of advanced radiotherapy and chemotherapy are available under one roof. We have regular 'tumour boards' where specialists (Medical & Surgical Oncologist, Radiotherapists and pathologists) sit together and chalk out a tailor made management plan for the individual patient. All advanced surgeries for GI cancers are being offered.

Cancer of the Upper GI tract:

Multimodality treatment for the cancer of the oesophagus and stomach are available. Oesophageal cancers are dealt with procedures like three field radical resection with reconstruction using the stomach tube. Thoracoscopic and open thoracotomies are performed along with transhiatal procedures for oesophagectomies. D 2 Gastrectomies and other radical gastrectomies are performed regularly for cancers of the stomach.

 Hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers:
Cancer of the gall bladder, bile duct and pancreas are dealt with adequately with major resections of the hilar lesions. Whipple's procedures for periampullary and pancreatic cancers are done regularly with good results.

Colorectal cancers: Colorectal cancers are resected. These procedures are done along with adjuvant and neo-adjuvent chemo and radiotherapy. Laparoscopic and Hand assisted laparoscopic techniques are used.

Low rectal cancers are our special interest areas. With the use of latest technology and staplers very low anterior resections are performed. We are able to avoid a permanent colostomy in many patients with low rectal cancers.